A New Year for Unity in the Church

Thailand and Myanmar are both Buddhist countries. There are a small number of Christian believers from Myanmar in Thailand, but they are divided. The few churches have had theological differences. It’s also hard for them to unite because of ethnic differences.

In a different spirit, one discipleship team is working with a network of churches hoping to see Christ’s Kingdom extended. They are already seeing people come to Christ, and they have recently baptized some women.

Will this be the beginning of a time of unity? Believers can come together for fellowship and share resources, but they will have to drop cultural norms of division.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • A radical shift towards biblical unity that will be a strong testimony of love and acceptance in a dying world (The Bible, Psalm 133:1-2).
  • These newly baptized Christian believers to lovingly take Christ to their Buddhist neighbors (The Bible, John 8:12).
  • These new Asian believers to walk like Jesus walked (The Bible, 1 John 2:6).


A missionary prayer letter