Pakistan’s Economic Wild Ride

Pakistan Population: 199 million Christian Percentage: .7 percent Dominant religion: Sunni Islam Persecution Ranking: 7   The 2020s started out promising for Muslim Pakistan's important IT economy. In the last five years, their IT businesses grew by 178 percent. Pakistan's IT exports reached 1.29 billion in 2019. It [...]

Violence Against Christian Churches In Pakistan

Blasphemy is a very serious offence in Pakistan. People accused of it have died. Property of offenders has been destroyed. Only two percent of Pakistan’s population is Christian, but it often finds itself assaulted and accused of different offences. Several Christian churches were set on fire by rampaging mobs [...]

Update: Violence Erupts In Pakistan After Ex-Prime Minister’s Arrest

Pakistan is no stranger to violence. Imran Khan, the ex- Prime Minister, is the seventh former prime minister to be arrested in the country. The military has made most of the ruling ever since Pakistan gained its independence from British colonial rule. Khan was arrested Tuesday during a court [...]

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