Praise Report | India

Praise Report | India

People might wonder why we cover India so often with in Window International. It’s simply because with 2,445 unreached people groups out of a worldwide total of 7,400, this country needs tremendous attention to even make a dent!

There are Christian believers who are working out of three locations in the north, where the bulk of India’s unreached people groups reside. One is in a major metropolitan area; another is in the mountains to the north. The third one works in Uttar Pradesh, a state with over 244 million people where only one in 1,000 is a Christian of any sort.

With this big of a task, Christians must multiply their work. The goal is a church planting movement, where one church plants another, which in turns plants still others. For some, getting the gospel to unreached villages is a matter of people reaching out face to face for a couple of days and leaving them with Bibles, the JESUS Film and other gospel materials. For others who cannot reach out in person, there is technology. In today’s world, there are apps, that can be used to train people at a distance about how to plant churches and how to disciple believers. They are training new believers to dedicate part of their day in prayer so they can develop intimacy with God.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray that these efforts will bear much fruit. (The Bible, John 15:5).
  • Pray for new disciples to make even more disciples. (The Bible, Mark 6:6).
  • Pray for thousands of workers to reach India’s thousands of unreached people groups. (The Bible, Matthew 9:37-38).


Photo Credit: Renzo D’Souza,