Himalayan Breakthrough


The Himalayan Mountains are filled with unreached Buddhist and Hindu people groups, but God has raised up a team of Christ followers to take His Name to villages in a Buddhist majority region.

There are a number of ways to make His Name known. One is personal contact, which is very limited during this worldwide pandemic. However, people can still share Christ with their social networks. Secondly, there are ads on Facebook that include videos about the life changing teachings of Jesus. These are especially effective with people who prefer non-printed materials. There has been a good response, and the team of Christian believers is hoping for more. In the recent past, the Lord has raised up new pastors, even from those who were once persecutors of the Church. There is a new Bible college that just began in another part of this region.

There are local believers, and they need to step forward to follow up on those who have shown interest in the gospel messages on Facebook. There is a need for both online and in-person responders to send people Bible resources, pray for them, and disciple them in the ways of Jesus Christ.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for workers to go out into the fields of the Himalayan Mountains.(The Bible, Matthew 9:36-38).
  • Pray for Christ’s glory to cover this part of the world like the waters cover the seas (The Bible, Habakkuk 2:14).


Photo Credit: Bisesh Gurung, Unsplash.com