Project Impact | October 2021

10/40 Window Missions Month

Window International Network (WIN) is gearing up for the 10/40 Window Missions Month of October 2021. A number of prayer mobilization activities including,

  • Daily Devotionals for subscribers
  • Prayer Mobilization in 10/40 Window Churches
  • Publishing the latest Country Profiles on the WIN Website
  • Regional Prayer Calls

We are expanding our strategic prayer campaigns throughout the 10/40 Window Region from Mauritania in West Africa to the Japan in the East Asia. We will continue our sustained prayer for Afghanistan where the Taliban has begun hunting our dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, for Nigeria where people are incited to kill Christians and abduction of young Christian girls for forced marriage continues unchecked. In India where the incumbent party in power is trying to create communal tensions ahead of the general elections in 2024 and in North Korea where there is a massive food shortage with a government in denial over their Covid 19 situation.

We look forward to your participation in joining us to mobilize Global Prayer for the 10/40 Window Missions Month activities in October 2021. Furthermore, we are conducting one of the largest prayer mobilizations for 10/40 Window Missions Sunday on 31st October 2021. 

The daunting challenges in 10/40 Window countries are increasing, however, so are testimonies and amazing stories of God’s Mercy and Provision. Your constant prayers and generous support will help us be the hands and heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to help those people who have given up hope.

Your partnership gift of $10$25, or more will make a prodigious difference in bringing hope and purpose to the people we reach out to with the Gospel.